Stand up Ziplock Bags| Dried Fruit Packaging

Stand up Ziplock Bags| Dried Fruit Packaging

Why choose stand up ziplock bags for dried fruit packaging? According to the statistics, there are more than 90% of new products fail after they come into the market. The reason is simple that these companies have not paid attention to the packages of their products. The consumers will not stay...

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Why choose stand up ziplock bags for dried fruit packaging?

Among which the stand up ziplock bags stands out from the crowd. It is well known that there are various choices when we mention the packaging: Bottles, cartons, cans, boxes etc and lamination flexible packaging. But flexible pouch as stand up pouch with zipper can protect the contents effectively. It can stand steadily on the shelf which allows your company products separated from the abundant types of the products. Wide front and back pouch panels are ideal for catching consumers’ attention to promote your products sales in the market. With the addition of the design of the bottom gusset provides the package extra strength and support itself stand up.

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Otherwise, the zip lock design is another significant advantage that make the stand up pouch popular in the market. The reseal zipper protect the contents inside to remain fresh for a long time even after being opened. Because of this, this style bag can be laid randomly almost anywhere whatever the contents is solid or liquid as you don’t need to worry about the unnecessary spill. High visibility is another feature accustomed to zip lock bags as they enable the customers to identify the inner contents easily.

When appliled it for dried fruit packaging, you could kindly notice that the standing up zip lock bags are especially beloved by the dry fruits packing. Although dried fruits will not taint easily like fresh fruits, what the producers should peruse more is how to prevent the nutrition and vitamin from loss. The standing up ziplock bags made with multiple layers of higher barrier films which can preserve the dried fruits’ original flavor maximally.


You could kindly notice that the standing up pouch packaging is commonly applied in our daily life like snack bar, supermarkets, hospitals, airports etc. Supouch offers various styles of standing up ziplock bags for helping you choose the most suitable packaging for your products. 

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