Perforated Plastic Bags For Vegetables

Perforated Plastic Bags For Vegetables

34. Perforated plastic bags for bell pepper packaging in the vegetable sector For the vegetable farmers in organic agriculture, horticultural growers, and wholesalers, Supouch can provide you with best quality clear plastic produce bags for fresh vegetable like cherry tomato, lettuce, pepper...

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Perforated plastic bags for vegetables

  • It is a breathable plastic packaging bag  which can extend the freshness time.

  • The vegetable bags are micro-perforated with venting holes to promote air flow, reduce the amount of heat and water produced by the breathing process, and keep vegetables fresh according to different respiration rates.

  • It is widely used in organic agriculture, horticultural growers, and wholesalers for fresh vegetable like cherries, tomatoes, lettuces, mixed salad and cucumbers.

  • Made of anti-fog material BOPP,CPP, a clearly transparent film.

  • High graphic and vibrant color printing showcasing the freshness and recipe of the vegetables in the bag.

  • Customized service is available. Your specific requirements are satisifie, no matter the size, shape, ot the slide zipper.Excellent shape and vivid printing.

  • Light weight,high quality,environmentally friendly,inodorous.

  • High temperature,freezer and pressure resistance.

  • Leak proof and moisture proof.

  • Reclose and easy to open.

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