Stand up Pouch for Food

Stand up Pouch for Food

For stand up pouch packaging, we can offer pouch sizing and custom printing service. All the raw materials conforms to revelant food safety regulations such as EU directives, FDA, LFGB, Japan food sanitation law. Supouch has established a comprehensive quality system rooted from HACCP and GMP principles for continous products quality improvement. We are dedicated to providing premium stand up bags for food to our customers.

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Product Details

We value your products and are dedicated to providing our customers with efficient and premium packaging solutions. 


As one of the earliest factories specialized in stand up pouch conveting in china,

in the past 20 years, we are able to combine different materials to achieve the functions such as high tentile strength, barrier property and hygienic protection. The film of stand up pouch genenally used for food packaging is as follows: PET, VMPET, KPET, ALU, PA, Kraft paper, Rice paper, CPP, LLDPE etc. 

Our Custom Printed Stand up Pouch for food  is excellent for : 

Conformity to Food Safety Regualtions
  • FDA Regualtions:  21 CFR 177.1520 - CFR 21 177.1630 - 21 CFR 177.1500 - 21 CFR 176.170 - FDA CFR 175.300

  • EU Regulations: 2002/72/EC - 2004/19/EC - 2005/79/EC - 2007/19/EC  - 2008/39/EC - AP (2002) 1 


  • ROHS

  • LFGB

  • Japan Food Sanitation Law 370

Products' Prolonged Shelf Life of a Wide Range of Packaging Format :


  • Stand up Pouches

  • Side Gusset Bags

  • Flat Pouches

  • Block Bottom Pouches

  • Roll Stock


Being Tastefully Preserved
  • Barrier Property against Moisture, Light and Oxygon

  • Smell Proof

  • Custom Printed Design of High Resolutions

  • Customer Convience Feature Optionally added

 Detailed Picture of  Stand up pouch for food packaging:

coffee pouch stand up pouch.jpg




We hereby garantee that all the photos of stand up pouches on site are taken by ourselves. 

For customized packaging , we can offer packaging


Production Description: 


Size Measurement Example:

 Width x Height +   Bottom Gusset x 2( seal width is   included in the measurement)

 150MM X 230MM +   45MMX2 


102 Microns /   4MIL



Up to 10 Colors

Matte, Glossy or Metal Effect

Natural Kraft Paper Look

Clear See-through Window

CMYK Process   Color + Pantone Colors

Design Artwork File

PSD File ( ≥300DPI)

Stand up Pouch Capacity

The pouch capacity of above-mentioned size is 750-820ml, depending on the packing style of specific products.

This capacity is calculated with the formula derived from our experience of nearly two decades.

Method to Choose a Right Size for Stand up Pouch

The inner contents such as powder, granular particles, balls, pancakes, sticks, pretzels, etc. are varied in sizes, shapes and weight, so it is difficult to figure out the capacity of stand up pouches with the content's weight. Supouches packaging is able to provide an exact number of pouch capacity in millilitres to be compared with contents' volume, which make it quick and easy to decide if the pouch capacity is enough or not. 


1. Zipper

2. Tear Notch

3. Valve

4. Sticker or Lables

5. Hang hole or Handles

6. Spout

7.  K sealed or doyen bottom

8.  Laser Scoring Line



Dry Food   Packaging (baking mix,   trail mix, nuts & dried fruits, tea and coffee packaging, nutraceuticle   drinking mix, flour, snack food, freeze dried rice and vegetables etc.)

Beverage Packaging                                                                                              


Size Measurement

Color Consistence

Seal Strength

Solvent Retention

Drop Test

Leak Test


Lead Time

3 Weeks after Artwork Approval


ISO / FDA / SGS / BRC  etc.



Quality System & Certifications

We are dedicated to producing high quaity, safe and consistent products. Evaluation of our system will reveal a geniune and organization-wide dedication to continuous quality improvement

 supouch packaing.jpg


brc certificate.png We maintain supplier quality certification with many industrial leaders. Packages engineering, printing, pouch conversion and adiministrative operations are all ISO9001 certified to ensure our customer receive consistent quality in the products and services provided.
Our BRC certification starts two years ago, which demonstrate our capability to meet the requirement to guarantee the food safety by applying the HACCP (Hazard Anaysis & Critial Control Point) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) principals .


Supplier Certificate:

1. Printing Ink ROHS Test Report

Printing ink ROHS.jpg

2.  LLDPE Film FDA  21 177 CFR 177.1520

LLDPE Film FDA 21CFR177.jpg

3.  PET Film Test Report according to EC 552 2009: PAGE 2 of 5

PET Film-EC552 2009.jpg

4.  Stand up Pouch Total Migrations Test Report : page 2 of 3

Stand up Pouch Migration.jpg

Quality Comparison

4 test machine.jpg

2.print quality.jpg

3 zipper.jpg

1.raw material.jpg

Production Cycle and Shipping

manufacture process.jpg

We are committed to providing our customer with following service during all the production cycle:

  1. Pouch Sizing

  2. Artwork Checking and Approval 

  3. Cylinder Making

  4. Film Printing and Laminating

  5. Pouch Converting

  6. Packaging and Shipping 




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