Contract Liquid Filling Companies

Contract Liquid Filling Companies

38 oatmeal pouch with spout Stop using the annoying tomato paste packaging by can, Supouch have a good solution for this viscous products instead of the traditional can packaging. As tomato paste is an indispensable condiment for the dish which consumes no more than one spoon, the tomato paste...

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Contract liquid filling companies

  • Contract liquid filling companies is a good solution for this viscous products like tomato paste instead of the traditional can packaging,which can end up by many of the paste going to waste.

  • With high quality laminated material which can withstand the acidity of the paste and hot fill process of packaging,which ensures that our pouches are leakage proof and product friendly.

  • 10 colors for brand image and information and be used on your paste filling machine.

  • Unique design makes it possible to carry liquid food outside.

  • It can also be used for cooked instant oatmeal which is good news for hikers to eat quickly without having to stop,which will be a delicious meal for them.

  • Safe, ,portable,easy to carry and transport,outstanding performance.

  • No puncture holes, resistant to UV light, moisture,  no bad odors or air getting inside and harming your product.

  • Various bagsare  available customized, making you satisified products.

  • Non-benzene printing, eco-friendly, healthy.


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