With Light, Not Damaged, Good Heat Sealing

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Plastic composite film with light weight, not easily damaged, good heat sealing, and many other advantages of affordable, widely used in packaging. There are many kinds of composite films for tea packaging, such as moisture-proof cellophane / polyethylene / paper / aluminum foil / polyethylene, biaxially oriented polypropylene / aluminum foil / polyethylene, polyethylene / polyvinylidene chloride / polyethylene, Composite film has excellent gas barrier, moisture resistance, Paul fragrance, anti-odor and so on. Since most plastic films have 80% to 90% light transmittance, in order to reduce the transmittance, ultraviolet radiation can be added to the packaging material to reduce or reduce the light transmittance by printing and coloring.

In addition, aluminum foil or vacuum aluminum film can be used as the basic composite material for light-shielding packaging. Aluminum foil composite bags made of aluminum pressed, the metal barrier properties of composite plastic film is very practical to achieve the basic fragrance of tea requirements.

Composite film bag packaging in a wide range of forms, three sides sealed shape, self-standing pouch, folding and so on. Packaging As the composite film bag has good printability, with its sales package design, to attract customers and promote tea sales even more unique effect.

The carton is made of white board, gray board paper, etc. After printing, the carton packaging prevents damage and the shading performance is also excellent. In order to solve the volatility of carton packaging tea aroma and the impact of the outside odor, generally packed in polyethylene plastic bags of tea and then loaded into the carton.

The disadvantage of carton packaging is easy to damp, and now has used paper-plastic composite packaging box to overcome the problem of dampness of the carton, the use of the inner layer of plastic film or coated with a daubproof cardboard packaging materials for packaging , Both with the function of the composite film bag packaging, carton packaging also has a protective, rigid and other properties. If made of plastic bags inside a small bag, the protective effect is better.

Also known as teabag, this is a thin filter paper for the village material bag packaging, with the time with the paper bag into the tea. The purpose of packaging with a filter paper bag is mainly to improve the leaching rate, in addition to make the tea plant tea is fully utilized.

As teabag brewing fast, clean, dosage standards, you can mix, slagging easy, easy to carry, etc., to adapt to the fast-paced life of modern needs, is very popular in the international market. Early teabag bags generally have lines to meet the convenience of soaking times, due to environmental requirements, bags of tea bags have been eliminated.

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