How To Choose Shelf Ready Packaging For Stand Up Pouches

- Apr 26, 2018 -

How to choose shelf ready Packaging for Stand Up Pouches

The case or tray packaging for stand up pouches, transfer a good quality feeling in an orderly manner. The shelf ready cases or trays, known as secondary packaging, also allow easy brand identification. When choosing shelf ready packaging for stand up pouchesstand up pouch shelf ready packaging.jpg, it's better to learn from the successful project complished by well-known corporation. From the case study, we will get an impression of what are the key points and how the technical and marketing departments work together to solve the problems during the whole process to get a better solution. In this case, it takes nearly two weeks to accomplish the target of deciding on the right packing machine with more operation flexibility at reduced cost. 


I. Goal Setting 

Once the marketing department decide to change the packaging format to a new stand up bag in a shelf ready case or tray, as in many cases, it is still a question whether this shelf ready packaging is attainable. Thus the other deparments need to present a practical solution by taking into consideration all the factors such as costs, spare spaces, packing machine efficiency and time problems etc. 

The initial presentation of the stand up bags is determined by marketing as it decides how the bags will be presented to the dealer. Therefore, marketing has the best say in this question. Marketing suppose that it is best choice to adopt the hooded carton for standing up pouch not only it is easy to remove but also the excellent graphics of the tray provided.

By this design, the bags themselves stand up steadily within the tray. It sounds a good idea. However, the opposition prevailed finally.

Financing suppose that the hooded cartons wrinkles easily which increase the cost greatly. What’s more, there is a great wasted space between the stand up bags standing in the hooded carton because of the tapered shape of the bag. Therefore, it will increase the shipping cost of the retailers.

In the meantime, Engineering propose that the machinery for making the carton or pack the carton is expensive. Not only the equipment is costly but it occupy lots space which is not flexible. Therefore, the solution which engineering department be eliminated without hesitation.

After a heated discussion, they ask engineering to take charge of designing and packaging of the stand up pouches. So it needs one more week to continue this study.

The engineering staff decided to make an inquiry to their outside rescources of service partners because they are limited by the labor, fund and time.  

II. Engineering Concpetion Process

In the next week, the engineering group send a mail of detailed project specification sheet to their service partners for design suggestions that is both flexible and efficient in time and occupied floor space. Each partner are asked to present their packaging ideas with a detail capital budget as it concerns the feasibility of the plan. After one week, there are multifarious recommendations about case format, packing pattern in the case and equipment type. The project engineers are attracted by the idea of an R.S.C. case that can be formed by their regular case erector already in service.  It has the flexibility of being packed horizontally by their standard case packer and  stand vertically when being displayed or palletized. 

At last, this idea stands out in the various solutions since they needn't add complementary packing equipment to the production line which means great reduction in time and cost. 

III.  Internal Solutions  

On Friday of the next week, the engineering deparment selected a service partner that is strong in quality service and technical support for equipment solution. The machinery of case packer and case sealer is confined by the left spare floor space between stand up pouch bagger and palletizing conveyors. The two equipments must work at the same pace to avoid case jam. Considering the low return of machine investment, they choose an expedient solution to pack  R.S.C. case horizontally because it is enough for stand up pouches packing and vertical display. In addition, a hot melt adhesive sealing machine is intergrated for case closing on the top and down.  

With the help of all departments, they found the total savings nearly 2 millions annually. By this case study, we hope that it is helpful to guide you work efficiently in stand up pouch shelf ready packaging.



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