Reflect The Characteristics Of Environmental Protection

- Jan 19, 2018 -

In the field of convenience fast food, instant noodles food appear a long time, more mature packaging technology, therefore, the basic area also occupies a large part of the field of fast food. For convenience foods, the packaging materials and packaging are undoubtedly the two major focus of attention. Currently, instant noodles and instant noodles and other foods, double PE paper cups packaging is undoubtedly a trend that not only reflects the "real convenience" features, but also reflects the characteristics of environmental protection. As for noodles and other products, the new form of packaging will be chasing a business direction, square cup, octagonal cup and other packaging may be more and more in the market.

For products that need to be stuffed, dishes and other family products (such as convenience wonton, rice and other products), because of its strong regional products in the mass production is more difficult to achieve, which requires businesses and related Suppliers work together to further efforts to overcome the technical difficulties.

For instant noodles products and similar fan products convenience, the pursuit of higher production efficiency is less difficult. If 150 bags / min instant noodle packaging machine production speed can be increased to 275 bags / min, which is equivalent to nearly doubling the production, which will undoubtedly create more profits for the manufacturer.

The widespread use of microwave ovens to promote the development of microwave food packaging, which requires food businesses to use more high-quality microwave suitable packaging. For microwave food packaging materials, heat resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, hygiene is the basic requirement. At present, polypropylene (PP) is the preferred packaging material for many instant food manufacturers. At the same time, more packaging materials are being applied to microwave packaging through tireless efforts by packaging suppliers in order to achieve more functionality.

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