Prevent Food Deterioration, Maintain Its Color, Smell, Taste And Nutritional Value

- Jan 19, 2018 -

The main role of the vacuum bag is oxygen, in order to help prevent food spoilage, and its principle is relatively simple, because food mold rot is mainly caused by microbial activity, and most microorganisms (such as mold and yeast) survive is the need for oxygen , And vacuum packaging is the use of this principle, the bag of food and oxygen inside the cells pumping away, the loss of micro-objects "living environment." Experiments show that: when the oxygen concentration in the bag ≤ 1%, the rate of microbial growth and reproduction of a sharp decline in oxygen concentration ≤ 0.5%, most of the microorganisms will be inhibited to stop breeding. (Note: vacuum packaging can not inhibit the reproduction of anaerobic bacteria and enzymatic reaction caused by food deterioration and discoloration, it also need to be combined with other ancillary methods, such as refrigeration, quick freezing, dehydration, high temperature sterilization, irradiation sterilization, microwave sterilization, salt Salting, etc.) In addition to inhibiting the growth of microorganisms, vacuum oxygenation is another important function to prevent the oxidation of foodstuffs. Because fat-containing foods contain a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids and are oxidized by the action of oxygen, the foods become odor and deterioration, In addition, oxidation also causes the loss of vitamins A and C, and the unstable substances in the food coloring are exposed to oxygen, making the color darker. Therefore, oxygen can effectively prevent food spoilage, maintaining its color, smell, taste and nutritional value.

High-temperature cooking bags, vacuum bags for the packaging of all kinds of meat cooked food, easy to use, hygienic.

Material: NY / PE, NY / AL / RCPP

Features: moisture, temperature, shading, Paul Hong, tough

For: high-temperature sterilization of food, ham, curry, roasted eel, grilled fish and meat halogen products.

Vacuum packaging is currently the most used film material, of course, there are bottled and canned. The vacuum packaging of food used in the film material, to ensure that the packaging of various food effects, appearance, economy, etc. to achieve the best condition. At the same time, food vacuum packaging materials, light resistance and stability also have higher requirements. When using a single material can not meet these requirements, the package will often be a combination of a variety of different materials.

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