Packaging And Sterilization Finished Product, Must Be Smooth Surface Of The Bag

- Jan 19, 2018 -

In general, the high-temperature sterilization bags eventually to withstand the contents of the packaging process and the subsequent sterilization process test, so this condition has a great impact. Final packaging and sterilization finished finished product, must be smooth surface of the bag, the package material itself no shrink wrinkles, blisters, no separation, no leakage and so on.

High temperature sterilization bag process Note:

① According to the content of the shape and nature of the appropriate selection of materials and structures, such as solid, liquid or solid-liquid mixed state to choose a different material structure, bone, barbed meat content before and after high temperature cooking can not puncture the bag. If the contents of the acid-base difference, but also need to adjust the bag material structure and material specifications.

② food enterprises in the batch before using the cooking bag, the performance of the cooking bag through the simulation test to confirm. Due to the physical and chemical properties of the contents, changes may occur at high temperatures to create new substances that may penetrate between layers of the retort bag, causing a drop in packaging performance of the retort pouch.

③ If it is not vacuum packaging, attention should be paid to control the amount of residual gas in the package can be moderately proportioned, the residue is basically the same, or in the cooking process, even if the back pressure, the amount of residual gas bags will burst break.

④ to determine the stability of the high-temperature sterilization process conditions, such as cooking conditions according to the standard 121 ℃ temperature 40min, the production of cooking bags of various types of materials reached 121 ℃ has reached the limit, if the temperature and time beyond this Process conditions, it is difficult to ensure that some of the properties of the cooking bag is not damaged, such as light-colored ink discoloration, composite strength seriously decay.

In addition, for high-temperature sterilization bags also pay attention to the impact of material changes on the package, such as RCPP after cooking harden, the additives in the material precipitation, to assess the changes in the physical properties before and after cooking, but also pay attention to the content Health effects of things.

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