Moisture-proof Sunscreen, Cold And Oil-resistant High Temperature

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Zipper bag classification: zipper bag can be divided into ordinary zipper bag, file zipper bag and invisible zipper

Ordinary zipper bag

Ordinary zipper bags in general larger body, the material woven bags, transparent PE or OPP plastic film made of zipper plastic zipper for the general, generally used to package larger products, such as: quilt packaging, large simple baggage, etc.

File zipper bag can load more documents, pens and small items. Selection of unique cold PVC double-layered materials, materials, good flexibility. Moisture and moisture, suitable for learning, living at home travel use.

Invisible zipper bag, also known as zipper bag Zipper bag invisible zipper bags are generally composite flexible packaging, polypropylene OPP, polyester PET, nylon, matte film, aluminum foil, cast polypropylene, polyethylene, kraft paper or even woven bags and other materials Into (usually 2--4 layer). Invisible zipper bag widely used in industrial packaging, cosmetic packaging, food packaging, medicine, health, electronics, aerospace, science and technology, military and other fields; Invisible zipper bags are generally aluminum-plastic composite bag, is a collection of various The product has the following features: anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, moisture-proof and oxygen-proof, cold-resistant and oil-resistant and high temperature resistant, Zipper bag, paper aluminum zipper bag, aluminum zipper bag, electrostatic shielding zipper bag, mesh static zipper bag, anti-static static zipper bag, anodized aluminum zipper bags and various zipper bags

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