Maximize Innovation

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Three important elements of beverage packaging design that is: packaging color, packaging design, packaging text, how can these three organic design together, the United States Royal brand design agency has a unique point of view, with 11 years of beverage packaging design experience , From the perspective of consumers will be practical design of beverage packaging colleagues, to make the packaging more stylish and personalized ... ... Today, large and small on the market, a wide variety of beverage packaging abundance, fierce competition. So you want the brand to stand out, the packaging must have the brand personality and unique design highlights, so as to attract consumers. And unique also requires designers to maximize innovation without compromising brand planning.

First, the color is the packaging of the most important visual elements, the color is also the most easily perceived by consumers of products competitive element, therefore, the color of packaging design must be consistent with the natural color of products and features, consider the psychological needs of consumers on the color, Let the packaging and product form a link, so that packaging color has become an important element of product identification.

Second, the image is the visual focus of the package. First of all, to achieve visual balance, in line with people's visual habits, and then be able to highlight the product features and essence, shaping the product image, and to attract the attention of consumers, prompting the purchase of their desire.

Third, the packaging text is to convey the most important means of product information and means to consumers, packaging color design not only with color and image coordination, but also pay attention to the form of beauty and function, so that the package delivered the correct brand positioning and brand tone . Become an important part of brand recognition.

Fourth, the packaging design to market needs and customer needs combined with full integration of various elements, to design the most suitable product packaging design.

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