How Use Stand Up Pouches For Snack Packaging

- May 11, 2018 -

The six Important Roles that Stand Up Pouches Play in the Snack Food Packaging. 

 Stand up pouches for food packaging bring enormous convenience to producers, retailers and consumers.  It also  promote the development of snack food industry.   The data over the last five years shows that the snack sector have seen a steady growth in retail sales. This market trend is inevitably related with the changes in consumer behaviours.  The millennials consumers likes to snack out  more often than other generations when they are driven by the busy schedule. Since the three-meal-a-day lifestyle is no longer in line with the millenials' lives, the prepackaged snacks in various snack pouches make them have more options to suit their needs for single serve or family use. However, they are endeavoring to make a balance by eating protein snack and wholesome snack as a substitute for a quick and healthy meal. 

 The National Eating Trends Report pointed out that three trends are noticeable in the snack segments: 

  1. The protein snack like beef jerkey, dried nuts mix and nutrition bars are always in high demand;

  2. The wholesome snack like fruit, vegetable, freeze dried food are increasing more quickly than candy  or potato chips

  3.  The convenient packaging pouch formats like doy style pouches with reseal zipper, spouted pouches are their choices for on-the-go consumers. 

 The snacking trend is not constrained to the above-mentioned segments because this category is expanding due to the occurence of new products for growing snacking needs. To understand this change in snack habit will help snack industry to become prepared for the problems ahead and take direct actions in pouch packaging and new product line development. 


Whatever the snack category is, the convenience remains to be the key point for snack retail sales both in eating and packaging format.  As shown by the table below, the flexible packaging remains to be the mostly used format whereas the stand up pouches rank no. 2 among the top 5 types for snack packaging. biscotti packaging.jpg

Top five snack packaged formats 








Flexible packaging







stand up pouches







Not specified














Flexible sachet 







Let's take a look at some convenient features of using stand up pouches for snack packaging: 

     1. It can protect the original quality of food and help preserve the desirable appearance of snack products. Food in the whole process of circulation, handling, loading and unloading, transportation and storage, is easy to get damaged,  the primary packaging of flexible plastic bags  can be of good protection for interior content. 

    2. The high barrier pouch can extend the storage period of food for a prolonged shelf life. In the whole circulation process, the quality of food will change and deteriorate. Food itself has a certain amount of nutrients, which is the basic condition for the production and reproduction of bacteria, molds and yeast. When the temperature and moisutre in the packaged pouch is suitable for them to reproduce, the food is spoiled and deteriorated. Also, when the food is directly exposed to sunlight, it is easy to make food oxidize, discoloration, lose taste and so on. This is what advantages of barrier pouches have  to help exclude the odor, moisture, and light from the environmental factors, and the storage period of foods can be effectively extended. 

    3. Packing food in snack pouches is convenient for opening the new market. For example, the bites biscotti is selling nicely and become a widly popular snack food for local famililes. Being restricted by the simple packaging of paper bags, it can't reach the market out of Atlanta, because the paper bag is not moistureproof and it is closed by simply rolling up the bag's header. In this case, a good cookie is easy to go stale by oxidation within 24 hours. In order to  expand the product's reach, scope and audience , the brand owner choose to use stand up pouch with new design. Thanks to the barrier and reseal quality with ziplock, the new packaging pouch is airtight and moisture proof. The shelf life of biscotti extend to more than a week and the consumers out of Atlanta have the opportunity to enjoy this healthy and tasty snack.  In this example, stand up pouches play an important role for the small start up business when they sell through online store and fulfilled by the online shipper such as Amazon. 

      4. Prevent food contamination, convenient cooking food, and adopt special packaging technology. When the food is in circulation, the food is easily contaminated by the contact with the container and the human hand. The food after the packing can avoid this phenomenon, which is beneficial to the health of the consumers.

      5. Doypack pouches can promote the sale of snack by meeting the consumers' demand for different pack size. As pointed by the Mistry Report, the young and active consumers like to take the smaller size pack because most of them are single or have not child. The single-serve pack is their choice when they are busy in travelling, exploring or starting a job. The flexible pouch have the ability to accommodate their needs both for single-serve and family pack size. In addition, the portable hang hole, the reclosable zipper, the degassing valve, the venting hole can meet their various application needs for pouch packaging. 

     6.  Stand up pouches have a two sides (front and back) for graphic design, logo and brand information. This is especially useful for a newly developped snack, the whole frnot pannel can be printed with high definition graphic which focus on the your snack's selling point. Since customers make the purchase decision within no more than 5 seconds, only the impressive snack pouch can stand out from the rest.  If the company doesn't have enough budget for advertising, the brand owner need to focus more on packaging design in promoting the brand touch point. To use stand up pouches for snack packaing will be a more efficient and affordable solution for them. 

The following pictures are the some packing pouches for snack industry by Supouches Packaging Ltd.     

 snack food packaging.jpgsnack bar packaging.jpg


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