Can Be Recycled And Recycled Packaging

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Green packaging refers to the non-polluting ecological environment, harmless to human health, can be recycled and recycled packaging. In people's utmost concern for the ecological environment today, the green packaging of food has become a necessity. According to experts' prediction, green food will dominate the world market in the next 10 years, while green packaging is a passport for green food among consumers, which is of great significance to shaping the green food brand. Starting from the coordination of social development and protection of the ecological environment, all countries in the world regard reduction, reuse and biodegradation as the targets and means of eco-friendly packaging.

With the rapid development of packaging technology, in recent years, a series of new packaging products with unique functions and various varieties have been developed both at home and abroad. They are refreshing and have attracted the attention of consumers and operators. Recently, the U.S. FDA has approved the use of a UV blocker on US food packaging. Fluorescent lamps for sunlight and storage contain UV light and the UV blocking agent added to the transparent PET packaging material effectively blocks UV light and prevents any changes in color, odor, taste and nutritional value of the contents of the package. Transparent packaging materials, allowing consumers to understand the quality and appearance of the product.

Food can not be separated from the foil bag packaging, the quality of the package directly affects the quality of food, grade and market sales. China's food packaging industry should be integrated into the new trend of international food packaging, increase investment in science and technology and capital, develop more novel and unique features that meet both the consumer demand at different levels of modern people, but also conducive to ecological protection of the packaging of new products.

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