With good anti-static, anti-oxidation, moisture-proof

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Foil bags and our daily life are closely related, food foil bags, as the name suggests is used to package food. 

The first thing to consider in food foil bags is the barrier properties of the packaging material because the barrier properties are good enough to extend the shelf life of the food and ensure a better quality.At present all the food packaging materials have the best barrier properties Is some polymer plastic, such as EVOH, PVDC, etc.) Therefore, the most common is always in the middle of two layers of plastic film composite aluminum foil to improve the barrier, aluminum foil bags are generally divided into two kinds of pure aluminum bags and aluminum, usually aluminum foil Composed of special materials. Aluminum foil bag with high mechanical strength, good anti-static, anti-oxidation, moisture and electrostatic shielding properties, excellent heat sealing; environmental performance can reach international standards. Foil bag conventional thickness: 80μm, 140μm, surface resistance: 108-10Ω, surface color: silver white. Faraday cage structure, the average shielding barrier up to 60db, electrostatic protection powerful, the inner layer is made of pure aluminum, the resistivity of less than 0.1 ohm, with good water, oxygen, light, vacuum, anti-static function excellent , Electrostatic field slow and safe discharge, foil bags are widely used in electronic components, appliances, food, cosmetics and other industries.

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