The role of food safety and health protection

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Sometimes, foil bags are not only a layer of aluminum foil, under normal circumstances is a composite of a variety of materials from a bag, the size and thickness vary, depending on the specific packaging products may be.

The outermost layer of aluminum foil bag belongs to nylon material. This kind of material is easy to hang ink. Ink adhesion is strong, colorful and difficult to peel off, long life, so nylon is generally used. The second layer is the aluminum foil, aluminum foil is a metal material that can effectively block the impact of light on the goods, especially infrared and so on; the most inside is generally high temperature, cooking NY film, similar to the PE film film, but High temperature resistance, will not be free to change, but also has very good oil resistance, while also blocking the flammability, because it is relatively close with the oil.

Aluminum foil under the protection of other materials, so that the durability of its performance can be reflected.

For food production and marketing enterprises, unqualified food vacuum bags can not play a role in protecting food safety and health, is not conducive to the storage and transportation of food, at the same time, unqualified food vacuum packaging bags will also be food color, smell and taste Such as the impact of quality is not conducive to food marketing. For ordinary consumers, unqualified food vacuum bags produce toxic substances that contaminate the food and cause damage to the health of the user. Therefore, the quality of food vacuum bags but the harm is very large.

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