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- Mar 13, 2018 -

The film  to be used for  stand up food bags in popcorn, snack pretzel packaging

There are commonly three types of packaging formats for stand up food bags when used in the chips, puffs, popcorn, pretzels packaging.

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1, Ordinary flexible pouches bags:

The bulk form without filling any gas or vacuum treatment, it can meet the need of shelf life according to the different barrier materials added to the packaging materials.

2, The flexible packaging of the air filled:

Break into the air in the finished packaging to prevent the puffed food from being crushed. General selection of good toughness material to prevent the packing bag from breaking.

3, nitrogen filled flexible pouch bags:

Nitrogen gas is used to prevent the oxidation and deterioration of fried foods, and the corresponding packaging materials have higher barrier properties to nitrogen and oxygen, and most of them are aluminized composite films.

Common film structure of packaging materials:


It is used for potato chips packaging, with good heat sealing, blocking oxygen and light. The shelf life can reach more than one year. If nitrogen charging is applied again, it will achieve a longer shelf life.


It is used in the packaging of puffed food, which has the advantages of sealing, shading, oil resistance and so on. When applied with MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) , the shelf life will be much longer.


It is often used in the packaging of expanded food such as potato chips. The cost of the two materials is relatively low, but the shelf life of the contents is slightly shorter. The material oxygen resistance, humidity resistance, light resistance, oil, fragrance and appearance tinggua, bright color, low cost, among them, BOPP, PET and VMCPP is better, BOPP good printing, high gloss. VMCPP has better barrier property, moisture resistance and good oil resistance than CPP.

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Supouch can provide the laminated films above mentioned for your specific needs depending on your packaging project budget. We accept the custom printing for private lable small business and established well-known brands. The final products can be made to be stand up  food bags, pillow bags or block bottom pouch bags. 

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