Corrosion protection film formed

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Watermelon is not a scarcity of vulnerable food, but in winter or seasonal season, watermelon has become more expensive delicacy. If you want to save money and not too troublesome, learn how to save the watermelon before the season. Family life - food and cooking - food storage and preservation

You can buy six or seven ripe watermelons without damaging the epidermis and soak them in a 30% saline solution for 48 to 60 hours. In this way, the solution of salt will be immersed in watermelon skin, forming a protective film. Then take the remaining watermelon or other watermelon watermelon peel vine branches, squeeze out their juice, coated in salt watermelon surface, they will form a corrosion-resistant membrane. After the above processed watermelon, can be stored for about 1 month without deterioration; such as loading food vacuum bags, and into the cellar or cold, dry, ventilated place, storage and preservation longer.

Take scar-free pedicle of seventy-eight mature watermelon, placed in a cool dry place. Bend the melon with a rope to hold firm, every single day, wipe the watermelon skin with a damp cloth moistened with white wine or salt, the purpose is to remove bacteria from the watermelon epidermis; every day, with a clean soft towel to watermelon 1 times the epidermis, the purpose is to plug the watermelon stomata, so as to ensure a longer period of watermelon are more fresh.

Of course, if it is cut watermelon eaten with food vacuum bags stamped in the refrigerator freezer, can be stored 24 hours without deterioration.

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