Can speed up the clothes dry

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Winter temperature is too low, thick clothes are difficult to dry, in case of rainy weather, even more troublesome. Now, users Weapon, with a vacuum bag and hair dryer can easily dry down jackets and sweaters, even the dryer do not have to. Really so convenient? Reporter decided to experiment to see.

Vacuum bag plus hair dryer, allowing sweaters, down jacket quick-drying, according to our method, the reporter first prepared a home can be loaded under the vacuum bag of clothes. Then, the sweater washed and dehydrated into a vacuum bag, and then sealed vacuum bag. At this time without the vacuum bag all sealed, to both sides of the seal to leave 8 cm openings, the middle of a good seal. Then the hair dryer transferred to a low-speed stroke after an opening from the vacuum bag into the inside has been hair. When the hair, the clothes flip several times. Continuous blowing for about ten minutes, the reporter removed the sweater and found the sweater has become completely dry. 

This is the use of vacuum bags open on both sides to form a thermal cycle to accelerate the clothes dry

What do we do by quickly drying the wet clothes with a vacuum bag and a hair dryer? We invited a physics teacher to answer, in fact, this is the use of air flow, "blowing in the hot air in an opening, the use of vacuum bags difficult to disperse the hot air, the temperature will be higher and higher, while the hot air coerced moisture from another Out of an opening, this is equivalent to a heat cycle, speeding up the clothes dry. "

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