Beautiful appearance, noble

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Tea packaging refers to the packaging of tea according to customer needs to promote the sale of tea products. A good tea packaging design can make tea worth several times, tea packaging is an important part of China's tea industry ·

Chinese tea has a long history and tea is an indispensable part of Chinese daily life. There are six main tea lines in China: green tea (represented by Huangshan Maofeng Lu'an melon tablet Hangzhou West Lake Longjing tea Suzhou Dongting Mountain Biluochun Duyun Tippy Tip Xinyang Maojian), yellow tea (represented by Huoshan Huangya and Menger Yinzhen) White tea (represented by Baiyin silver needles and white peonies), Qingcha (represented by Tieguanyin in Anxi County, Dahongpao in Wuyishan and Oolong Tea in Dongting County), black tea (represented by Keemun Black Tea Tan Yang Kung Fu Black Tea), black tea Fort tea, Pu'er tea, Canal River sheet as the representative).

Tea is a dry product, easily damp moisture and produce qualitative change, it's moisture, odor adsorption is strong, and the aroma is very volatile. When improper storage of tea, under the action of moisture, temperature and humidity, light, oxygen and other factors, it will cause undesirable biochemical reactions and microbial activities, resulting in changes in the quality of tea. Therefore, what kind of container should be used when storing tea? , Have certain requirements. Therefore, the tea pot came into being.

Tea gift box packaging is the main method of tea packaging, through a variety of materials (such as paper, wood, plastic, cloth, metal) packaging materials, tea will be packaged into gifts, to enhance tea brand awareness, increase product added value.

As a special kind of commodity, due to its own and objective conditions, the packaging of tea is different from the packaging of other general merchandise. Commonly used methods of tea packaging are the following.

Metal cans packaging

Metal can packaging anti-damaged, moisture-proof, sealing performance is very good, is the ideal package of tea. Metal cans are generally made of tinplate, pot-shaped square and cylindrical, covered with a single cover and double cover two. Separation from the seal, there are two general cans and sealed cans. In the packaging technology processing, the general tank can be sealed deoxidizer packaging method to remove the oxygen inside the package.

Sealed cans more use of inflatable, vacuum packaging. The protective effect of metal can on tea is better than that of composite film, and the appearance is handsome and noble. The disadvantage is that the packaging cost is high, the weight ratio of the package to the product is high, and the transportation cost is increased. Exquisite design metal cans suitable for high-end tea packaging.

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