Custom Printed Stand up Pouches for Matcha Tea Packaging

Custom Printed Stand up Pouches for Matcha Tea Packaging

Supouches packaging ltd. provide stand up pouches for tea packaging.

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Supouches packaging ltd. provide stand up pouches for tea packaging. 

Organic matcha green tea powder have unparalleled nutrition and health benefits for its rich contents of antioxidants, catechins and beta carotene. But these certified organic and benefical elements is easily to be oxidized under the light and moisture effect.   

In order to extend the shelf life and preserve the nutritions as long as possible, a packaging form that is light, oxygen and moisture proof  as stand up pouch is an ideal choice for tea and coffee packaging. Some use the stand up ziplock bags as secondary packaging to hold small stick packs or sachets, others use the doypack bags as primary packaging for ground tea or coffee powder. 

For whatever it may be used for, the stand up pouch could deliver an optimum protection in the supply chain and storage phase. 


1. Product description of tea packaging pouch



102 Microns /   4MIL




CMYK Process   Color + Panton Colors


Design Artwork   File

PSD File ( 300DPI)



Width x Height +   Bottom Gusset x 2

150MM X 230MM +   45MMX2 


( seal width is   included in the measurement)


Stand up Pouch   Capacity

This capacity is   calculated with the formula derived from our rich experience of nearly two   decades.



Doypack Contents

The inner   contents such as powder, granular particles, balls, pancakes, sticks,   prezels, etc. are varied in sizes, shapes and weight, so it is difficult   to figure out the capacity of stand up pouches with the content's weight.   Supouches packaging is able to provide an exact number of pouch capacity in   millilitres to be compared with contents' volume, which make it quick and   easy to decide if the pouch capacity is enough or not. 

We need the net   size of  stand up pouch to figure out the capacity with our own formula.   The net size means that the side seal and bottom seal width need to be   substracted from the total measuremen. The header, zipper and spare volume is   also deducted from the total capacity . 


It is simple to   know the total volume of inner contents as it is determined by the loose or   compact packing manner according to the product packaging   requirements.  



1. Zipper



2. Tear Notch



3. Valve

3.  optional


4. Sticker

4.  optional


5. Hang Hole



6. Spout

6.  optional


7. Handle

7.  optional


8. K Sealed Bottom

8.  optional


9. Laser Scoring Line

9.  optional



Dry Food   Packaging 


(baking mix,   trail mix, nuts & dried fruits, tea and coffee packaging, nutraceuticle   drinking mix, flour, snack food, freeze dried rice and vegetables etc.)



Size Measurement Test



Color Consistence Test



Seal Strength Test



Solvent Retention Test



Drop Test



Leak Test



Lead Time

3 Weeks after   Artwork Approval



ISO / FDA / SGS   / BRC  etc.




2. Product detailed picture

3. What is the primary advantages of stand up pouch packaging


Thanks to the bottom gusset, stand up pouch may be   vertically placed almost anywhere, e.g. on the counter or in the freezer.

This packaging format has been proved to be effective   for the newly developed tea brand to make a lasting impression on the customers.

Whether you sell online or in the offline stores, the   stand up pouches always provide a maximum advertising exposure perfect for   showcasing photo or shopping window display.   



Stand up pouch is a lightweight way to   pack your spice mixes, homemade granola or freeze-dried snacks.

As people become more concerned about   the carbon footprint of their everyday activities, less packaging material   means less production of greenhouse gas.



Excellent barrier performance against   moisture, light and oxygen.

From the test data, it’s clear to see that PET/PE   laminated pouch is more barrier than PE only bags.

For the customer who need more barrier performance for ground coffee or tea powder, a   third layer is usually sandwiched between PET and PE layer such as VMPET,   foil, paper, or PA.


Stand up pouch is puncture proof made of high tensile plastic film

A multi-layer laminated pouch has excellent tensile   strength when compared with the PE or PP bags.

As the packages are subject to the puncture from the   outside or inside, e.g. sharp objects impact in transit, like medical   instrument or fried chips etc.,

stand up pouches made of two or more plastics can   withstand the puncture without perforation.    


Seal strength on both sides and bottom is strong enough to protect the bag from dropping or collision   rupture.

Drop test is one of the way to check the seal strength when stand up pouches are filled with specified lbs of products, especially when the content is ground coffee powder or flour. The test is made on the front, the back, both sides, the   bottom and top part. Only the bag that survive these tests can be noted as qualified.






Proper   gauge of thickness for solid, granular, liquid or powdered product.

As different products needs various film thickness,   this is the case for liquid and powder products such as baking mix flour, drink mix , salad dressing or detergent, where the bag stiffness and strength   is a vital part of outer package.



Different zipper is available on top of the pouch (e.g.   pocket zipper, slider, child resistant zipper or regular zipper)

We use the qualified zipper to assure the air tightness   of bag.

Pocket zipper is usually used on the block bottom pouch   as it leaves enough space for loading the products from the top part. Being   heat sealed above the zipper, the whole pouch is safe to be air tight.

Child resistant zipper is another feature to be noted   for customers who need to protect children from opening the pouch, especially   when the pouch is filled with pharmaceutical products or   harmful chemicals.


In addition to   the top zipper, the header part above the zipper can be heat sealed by impulse   sealer.

As there is an   area of about 5-7mm between the zipper and heat sealed header, the user can   easily tear down the header with the help of tear notch and open the zippered   pouch. It is one of the most desired feature and is employed by many food manufacturer   to provide visual tamper evident protection for end users.



We are committed to using food grade   raw materials such as PET, PP, LLDPE, laminating adhesive, printing ink and   solvent. All the stand up pouches comply with the current regulations to   address solvent retention and overall transmission in food packaging. They   are safe and smell proof for food and beverage contact.


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