Stand up Zipper Pouch|block Bottom Bags|snack Packaging

Stand up Zipper Pouch|block Bottom Bags|snack Packaging

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Stand up zipper pouch | block bottom bags | snack packaging


       In addition to the stand up zipper pouch, block bottom bags is another type of flexible pouch for resealable food packaging. Supouch Packaging is one of the leading suppliers in China, we have been specialized in the field of flexible packaging for over 20 years. Owning to the flat bottom pouch converting machine made in China, the unit price for block bottom pouch is greatly reduced, which makes it gain prominence in the market of food products. It is one of the most innovative format over the last twenty years that is ideal for snack packaging such as popcorn, chips, cereal, pet food, cocoa powder.

 stand up zipper pouch.jpg

block bottom.png

       From the photo below, we can see three stand up pouches on the left (two with ziplocks, one without) and a block bottom pouch on the right.  With the flat bottom and its vertical form with good stability, even if the content is reduced the block bottom pouch can remain vertically stable, we may also call it stand up pouches . When standing on the display rack in the store, it’s easy to come into spotlight with the high graphic printing.


       The zipper is added on top of the block bottom plastic bags at relatively low price to make the packaging both resealable and flexible that is the most needed and embraced by the consumers. Block bottom pouch is very popular in recent years, as the internal capacity is larger than the same stand up ziplock bags, and it is easy to store and use as well. It can also work with packing machine such as swifgy bagger which can automatically load, open, fill and seal the stand up pouches with zipper or not.


block bottom pouch.jpg


         For the reasons given above many food company giants choose block bottom pouch as an exciting promotional tool for their newly developed flavors in snack product lines, while the old fashioned packing type like paper box may not be so attention-grabbing that the consumers would barely notice. The prospective for stand up pouches across USA, UK, Australia and Canada is showed to be promising with an increased level of intention to put into practice and the success cases of several important food manufacturers.




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